Gstaad Palace Display

Display Live from : 28th May 2021

Gstaad – a region located in the Swiss Alps and known for its exquisite 

surroundings, and houses one of the most prestigious hotels in Switzerland; Gstaad Palace. 

Established in December of 1913, Gstaad Palace is a family run hotel which has previously housed prominent figures including Princess Diana and at other times, well-known celebrities like former bond actor – Sean Connery.

The hotel has beautifully decorated suites and unique services such as their summer special; a scenic helicopter trip to Le Brassus. Indoor events include spa and fitness services, family and kids events such as farm visitations and excellently crafted wedding services. 

With great pleasure and excitement, Gstaad Palace has given us the opportunity to showcase our collection in their hotel. Allowing us to showcase our unique style and purpose, complemented by the hotel’s magnificent interior architecture. 

Should you visit Gstaad Palace anytime soon, you’ll find our display in the corridor right next to Chanel.