Geneva Atelier

Excellent Craftsmanship

To introduce the significance of jewellery making, it is an intimately involved process from initial concept to execution of products, and requires visual skills of the highest degree among jewellery designers.

Hammer, frame and bezel setting are some examples of stone setting. Stone setting serves aesthetic and practical functions; Keeping stones safe and increasing visual appeal. Other setting types comprise of; channel, grain and tension setting.

3D printing, scanning/imaging, and software support i.e. CAD are three prominent technologies within additive manufacturing techniques for jewellery making which are evolving how designers approach jewellery making, allowing for more complex jewellery design i.e. shapes and sizes.

Based in Geneva, Sertissage & Co is a stone setting establishment specialising in watchmaking and jewellery, using crimping techniques to achieve their intricate stone settings; in both round and baguette shapes in precious metals/gold, infusing modern technologies to deliver well-crafted products.