About Us

We are an innovative hybrid Swiss & British bespoke fine jewellery brand for successful women and diamond jewellery gift market. 

Diamonds are historically linked with tradition, love, marriage, proposal, engagement/wedding events but we notice a shift. As most of it still stands true, Diamonds are now developing a new identity of success markers, reminders of milestones & a stylish investment all at the same time. 

Diamonds truly are a girls best friend, all the way from Boardroom to Ballroom. Successful women buy diamond jewellery to congratulate themselves, mark a milestones in their professional careers or simply to feel their financial independence. 

We have developed Corporate girl Diamonds just for you to do that with ease, without having to filter through tens of wedding market jewellers. 

If you are a sporty girl alongside your busy day job, we also have developed an innovative sporty diamond collection just for you. 

We’ll continue to innovate, take your feedback & bring you more casual luxury.