“You & I” Diamond collection - Diamond Promise Ring

Our ‘You & I’ Collection, currently proudly showcased at the majestic Gstaad Palace needs no introduction. 

Two solitaire diamonds combined to show Love, Togetherness, Companionship and a Union. 
A simple & elegant collection for minimalist fine jewellery lovers. 
‘You & I’ Diamond ring is best seller as a Diamond Promise Ring. 
‘You & I’ Bracelet are perfectly stackable or wear alone pieces, available in classic & luxury chains with different thickness. 
A modern twist on classic Love Jewellery
Complete your collection with our Diamond Love hoops with screwback closures. 

Captivating Scatter Diamond Collection

Discover the charm of commitment with our meticulously prepared diamond promise rings. Each piece is a testament to endless love, featuring an outstanding scatter of diamonds that symbolise the unique journey of every relationship. Our collection offers a range of designs, from subtle elegance to bold statements, confirming that every promise is sealed with unmatched beauty.

Elegance in Every Detail

Our gold diamond commitment rings are more than just jewellery; they are a guarantee of everlasting love. Crafted from the best gold and adorned with scintillating scatter diamonds, these rings are an excellent blend of luxury and sentiment. Whether you prefer the classic allure of yellow gold or the modern touch of white gold, our collection caters to every preference, making every moment memorable.

  • Symbol of Commitment:The Apiece ring is a reflection of a promise adorned with diamonds that capture the essence of a lasting bond.
  • Versatile Elegance:From minimalist designs to intricate patterns, our collection offers a range of styles to suit every taste.

At Cervin Blanc, we believe in celebrating love with the utmost elegance. Our Diamond Promise Rings are a tribute to the beauty of commitment, crafted with care and precision to ensure that your promise is as enduring as our craftsmanship. Embrace the journey of love with a touch of sparkle that is as unique as your bond.