Diamond Earrings

Our diamond earrings collection takes its clues from nature, with an embedded tone of high jewellery, translated into wearable everyday luxury. 

From our Diamond studs set in 18ct Gold to red carpet inspired front to back ear wraps, we have something for everyone. 
Our unique collection of Diamond Hoop earrings is perfect to style on their own, or stack with other studs and hoops. 

Our pieces are always created to perfection in 18ct gold, with state of the art craftsmanship of a luxury fine jewellery house. 
Gold and Diamond earrings are a classic staple for every stylish woman’s wardrobe, a perfect gift for all occasions. 

Elegance Adorned: Explore Our Stunning Collection of Earrings

Discover Eternal Beauty

Step into a universe of eternal beauty with Cervin Blanc's assortment of studs. Each pair of our 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold-infused diamond earrings in Switzerland is a show-stopper, exuding class and sophistication.

Exquisite Artistry

We fabricate our diamond earrings with utmost precision and care, using only the finest diamonds. Every gemstone is hand-picked for its extraordinary quality and brilliance, guaranteeing each pair is a masterclass.

Swiss Mastery in Jewellery

Switzerland is eminent for its excellence in jewellery artisanship, and our studs are no exception. We always craft our earrings flawlessly in 18ct gold, encapsulating the impeccable artisanship of a fine luxury jewellery house. With a rich legacy of craftsmanship, each pair reflects the pinnacle of Swiss luxury.

Redefined Extravagance

Our studs redefine extravagance, offering the perfect mix of elegance and style. Our diamond earrings collection is inspired by nature, with an underlying tone of exquisite jewellery transforming them into everyday wearable luxury. Whether you are searching for exemplary red carpet-inspired front wraps, back ear chain wraps, paw studs, or lever back hoops, our assortment has something for each style and occasion.

Experience and Embrace the Luxury

Explore Cervin Blanc's stunning universe and experience the magic of our hoops. Shop now for the perfect pair of our diamond earrings in Switzerland and embrace the elegance and intricacy of Swiss luxury.